Bitcoin investment trick

Bitcoin investment trick

Make 1 Million by Investing in Bitcoin with This Trick

1. Today, you are going to learn how to [ to make at least one million. This Bitcoin investment trick has been working since the invention of this cryptocurrency.

2. But the investment strategy you are going to learn is not easy to implement and not everyone’s cup of tea. You will get a chance for this once in 4 years circle. Must read because it is time now.

3. It is risky but way too much awarding, in fact if I precisely say fortune making. All you need to do is invest in Bitcoin at right time.

4. One and only rule for this investment strategy that must be followed at all costs is that you are not supposed to take loan to invest in Bitcoin.

5. Secondly, do not invest in cryptocurrency or stock market that you cannot afford to lose.

6. Only requirement to make 1 million via this Bitcoin trading strategy is that you should know how to draw support and resistance on candlesticks chart; that nowadays, a child can also draw.

7. So here is the strategy to make one million via Bitcoin trading. You might know Bitcoin has 3 trends: uptrend, downtrend (Crypto Winter) and sideways. Out of 3 you need to wait for Crypto Winter.

8. When Crypto Winter starts, you need to start watching the market with an eagle eye. In this Bitcoin trend, BTC can drop up to 70%-80%. (To verify, see its previous data)

9. Now comes the hardest part which is. “When to Buy Bitcoin?” You will patiently wait until BTC drop by 70% then wait till market reaches to last crypto winter highs.

10. Now monitor and check whether Bitcoin is sustaining support (recent crypto winter high) in weekly candle or not. If market gives weekly green candle, then it is time to enter.

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