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Master This Bitcoin Trading Strategy to Earn Consistently

1. Bitcoin Trading Strategy: Like stock market, Bitcoin investment also demands skills. You can use this one Bitcoin investment trick to earn regular income by buying and selling BTC.

2. Trick is very simple but still 90% Bitcoin traders fail to earn. Therefore, before you learn this trick, write these rules and never ever dare to break them.

3. Rule 1: Back test this Bitcoin trading strategy for at least 21 times so you can trust it and implement it without hesitation.

4. Rule 2: Not all trades will be wins. But in the end of the day, you will make certain profit by trading Bitcoin.

5. Rule 3: You will always exit without showing hesitation if stop loss hit. No matter how much loss is showing you will exit at stop loss.

6. Rule 4: You will only trade if entry triggers. You will ignore your instincts and do what you are taught in this Bitcoin trading strategy.

7. Ready to follow the rules? Then okay. Here is the trading strategy. Draw potential resistance and support level zones. Do not draw horizontal lines because market respects zones not lines.

8. Once first resistance and support level are confirmed, place first trade at retest level, it may be resistance or support level.

9. If you placed a trade at resistance level then immediately exit just before support level. And place a new trade at support with resistance level target.

10. Repeat it as long as market in the zone. If zone breaks then again find resistance and support levels and repeat the strategy. With 66% accuracy, you can become profitable trader.

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