crypto winter

1. What is Crypto Winterand and how long does it last?Crypto winter simply means the cryptocurrency market is not performing and prices are making lower lows day-by-day.2. When Bitcoin price reaches an all-time, and all of sudden, a sharp and aggressive sell-off begins which triggers Crypto Winter.3. There are 3 types of trend in the cryptocurrency market and share market as well, Bullish, Bearish, and Sideways.4. Bearish Trend simply means prices are crashing from their recent highs. Investors believe that prices will continue to fall and it creates fear. Bearish trend in Bitcoin is termed as Crypto Winter.5. We do not know the exact reason why the bearish trend in Bitcoin is called Crypto WInter, but it is assumed that it is inspired by the famous series, Game of Thrones.6. Warm Winter: Another famous term is Warm Winter. During this season, despite Bitcoin prices fall, investors remain optimistic and assume that the market will recover and make All-time-high again.7. As per the Bitcoin previous data, Crypto winter may last from 1 to 4 years. This is the time when the word Bitcoin Bubble starts buzzing around.8. Understand after crypto winter, the sideways market phase begins, in which retail investors fear to buy bitcoins but institutional investors accumulate as much as possible. Same is true for the stock market. 

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