How to Sell Bitcoin in Unocoin [Updated 2022]

How to Sell Bitcoin in Unocoin

This post will help you know how to sell Bitcoin in Unocoin. If you BTC in your Unocoin account and want to sell the same then this post will help you do so.

Bitcoin price is rising again. Soon it will touch five figure number ($10000, as of updating this post, BTC reaches to its all time high $41900. Remarkable recovery!) which will be indeed a remarkable recovery after 2018. Here on this blog, we help our visitors to buy and sell Bitcoin. In my recent posts, I’ve shown you how to buy Bitcoin from Zebpay, Unocoin, and Also I’ve written a post on Bitcoin alternative cryptocurrencies to invest your money. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to sell Bitcoin in Unocoin.

If you’ve stored some Bitcoin on Unocoin wallet and now you want to sell them then I’ll help you do so.

Unocoin is a prominent Indian Bitcoin exchange that helps you buy and sell BTC using Indian rupees. Currently this exchange offers some prominent cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Its site is very user-friendly and you can easily sell your BTC. Let me show you how to sell Bitcoin in Unocoin.

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Steps to sell Bitcoin in Unocoin

Sell Bitcoin through Unocoin wallet app

Above video shows how to sell Bitcoin and Unocoin to bank transfer process. You can watch video or read the instructions given below.

  • Login to Unocoin wallet.
  • Select Bitcoin and tap ‘Sell Bitcoin’ button.
  • Enter the amount for which you would like to sell your coins. You enter amount in either BTC or INR. If you want to sell all the amount of BTC you have then don’t change anything.
  • Tap Proceed.
  • For the final time, check everything carefully and tap SELL button.
  • Now to initiate Unocoin withdrawal request, tap INR icon.
  • Touch Bank option. Note: As of this writing only bank option is available, if you see other options then you can choose from them too.
  • Enter the amount in Indian rupees. Then tap Withdraw.
  • Enter one time password you received on your registered mobile number.
  • That’s it. Unocoin to bank transfer request is initiated successfully. You will get your fund in your bank account within next 1-2 working days.

Sell BTC using Unocoin website

Note: Before you sell BTC on Unocoin, make sure you can withdraw your money. As of now, INR deposit and withdraw are not working on the exchange.

First of all, get access to you Unocoin wallet by using your username and password.

From the navigation panel, click on hamburger icon appearing in the top right corner. Then from the option, click BTC.

Thereafter, a Uncoin Bitcoin sell form will appear on your computer screen, to sell Bitcoin in Unocoin, first enter either amount (of which you want to sell BTC) in INR box or Bitcoin amount/portion in first box.

In above screenshot, I’ve entered ₹2000 and it automatically showed me portion of Bitcoin that I’ll need to sell to get ₹2000. Note: If you want to sell all your BTC then enter total amount of Bitcoin you have.

Next, from the pop-box, confirm your sell request by clicking on Sell Bitcoin.

That’s it. You have successfully sold your BTC in Unocoin.

After selling your BTC, your INR balance will be updated. You can withdraw your INR balance by clicking on hamburger icon then Wallet.

On the next page, you will be able to see your Unocoin INR wallet. You can withdraw your money from Unocoin by clicking on Withdraw.

Disclaimer: This post is for information purpose only. Don’t take this information as an investment suggestion. As you may already know cryptocurrencies are highly volatile therefore invest in them on your own risk.

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