How to Send Ripple from Zebpay to Binance or other exchange

how to transfer Ripple to Ledger Nano S

This post will help you send Ripple from Zebpay to other exchange. If you acquire some XRP and want to move them from Zebpay Ripple wallet to some other place then this post will help you do so.

Zebpay has become India’s one of the best crypto exchanges and it allows an individual to trade in any available cryptocurrency using INR and crypto-to-crypto pairs. It’s a very reliable exchange to buy Ripple in India. Apart from trading, it allows its users to easily send or receive Bitcoin, Ripple, or other cryptocurrencies.

To send a cryptocurrency like Ripple from Zebpay, all you need to do is just gather other person’s XRP wallet details such as XRP wallet address and destination tag. Here I’ll show you step-by-step how to send Ripple from Zebpay to Binance or another exchange.

Also, you can follow the below instructions if you would like to transfer your Ripple from Zebpay to a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano X.

You should know that procedure to send Ripple from Zebpay is same for all exchanges. As mentioned above, all you need is receiver’s XRP wallet address and destination tag. Some exchanges don’t provide destination tags in that case you can follow your exchange’s guidelines or if there’s no specific instructions available then you can contact your exchange to get Ripple destination tag.

Also, if you’re transferring Ripple to a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S (a strongly recommended way to store your coins safely) then you might not find Ripple destination tag in that case you can simply add 123456 in destination tag (we’ll discuss about it).

What will you need to transfer Ripple from Zebpay?

As mentioned above, you will need following things to send XRP from your Zebpay Ripple wallet account:

  • Ripple wallet address of receiver or if you’re transferring your Ripple to another exchange then you’ll need to obtain your XRP address from an exchange in which you want to transfer your XRP. Similarly if you’re moving your coins to a hardware wallet then you will need to obtain the same from your cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Ripple Destination tag: Almost all exchanges and hardware wallets provide XRP wallet address and destination tag. For your knowledge, Ripple destination tag is equally important as wallet address. If you mistakenly enter a wrong destination tag then you may lose your funds. Therefore, obtain wallet address as well as correct XRP destination tag. Some exchanges and hardware wallets don’t have destination tags for Ripple address, in such scenario you can enter 123456 or you will have to contact to your exchange for clarification.
  • Sufficient XRP volume for example 25. As of now, you cannot transfer less than this, however, it’s possible that in upcoming days Zebpay may decrease this limit.

If you’ve above mentioned things handy then just follow the instructions given below to transfer Ripple from Zebpay account.

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How to send Ripple from Zebpay to other exchange

Attention: Read carefully one small mistake and you will lose your funds. Don’t panic! I just want to grab your attention!

Before that ask receiver (whom you want to send Ripple) to share his/her XRP wallet address and destination tag. Or if you’re just transferring your Ripple from Zebpay to another exchange then login to that exchange (in which you want to transfer Ripple) and copy your Ripple wallet address and destination tag.

Open your Zebpay app and select Ripple by tapping on down arrow showing in the top right corner.

Tap on Send link.

Tap on add button showing in the bottom right corner.

Enter a name. You can enter any name.

Now paste Ripple address in next wallet address field. Thereafter enter destination tag.

Note: It’s very important to enter a correct destination tag. If you’re not sure then seek help from your exchange or a friend.

Also, if your exchange or hardware wallet does not have destination tag for Ripple address then you can enter 123456 in destination field for example I sent some XRP to my Ledger Nano S hardware wallet and it didn’t have destination tag so I entered 123456 (as Ledger instructed) and I received XRP on my hardware wallet within few minutes.

Hit Save button to save entered Ripple wallet address to your Zebpay account.

After saving the address, next select that wallet to send XRP and then enter Ripple volume (minimum 25) you want to send.

Tap on Send button and then you’ll be asked to enter your Zebpay verification PIN. Simply enter your Zebpay PIN.

Next a pop up message will appear on your mobile screen simply touch ‘OK’.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully transferred Ripple from your Zebpay Ripple account. Once initiated, Ripple transfer process takes 5-30 minutes.

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