How to Transfer Bitcoins from LocalBitcoins to Any Bitcoin Address

LocalBitcoins send bitcoin is a good platform for Bitcoin trading. On this platform, you can easily buy, sell, receive, and transfer Bitcoin. In my last post, I showed you how to sell bitcoins on And in this post, I’ll take you through how to transfer bitcoins from LocalBitcoins to other Bitcoin wallet address, paper wallet or hardware wallet.

You can easily transfer bitcoins from LocalBitcoins if you’ve receiver’s Bitcoin public address (usually a combination of letters and numbers) or if you’re going to move your BTC to another exchange then you can obtain your wallet address by logging in to your new exchange.

Similarly, if you’re going to move your BTC from LocalBitcoins exchange to a hardware wallet for example Ledger Nano S then you can get your hardware wallet Bitcoin address by getting access to your hardware wallet app.

In another post, I’ve showed you how to move Bitcoin from exchange to Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

As you may already know that to send or receive Bitcoin you need Bitcoin public address. Every BTC wallet account has a unique public address that can be used to send/receive bitcoins. For your information, you can send Bitcoin to your own Bitcoin address that belongs to another exchange such as Coinbase, Unocoin, Zebpay and the like.

Just follow the given instructions to know how to send bitcoins from LocalBitcoins to any other Bitcoin address.

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Steps to Transfer bitcoins from LocalBitcoins

First of all, make sure you have Bitcoin address of the receiver. So ask him/her to send his/her Bitcoin address. In another scenario, if you’re going to move your BTC from this exchange to another then log in to your new exchange and copy your wallet address.

Once you’ve Bitcoin address, simply follow the steps given below to send Bitcoin from

Login to your account and then from the top right corner, click on your Bitcoin balance. Or click on your profile icon and then go to your wallet.

Now, select ‘Send bitcoins’ tab and then enter Bitcoin address of the receiver (whom you want to send Bitcoins) or enter your another BTC wallet address that belongs to another exchange or enter your Bitcoin hardware wallet address.

Thereafter, enter amount/portion of Bitcoins that you want to transfer from your Bitcoin wallet to the receiver.

Under ‘More options’ you’ve other options like description; to enter words to recognize the transaction easily in your transaction list.

After entering the details, click on Continue button.

After clicking on the button, you’ll reach on confirmation page, where you’ll be asked to enter your login password to make transaction successful.

After entering the password, hit ‘Send from wallet button’.

That’s it. You’ve successfully sent bitcoins from

If you need further help then feel free to ask in the comment box.

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  1. I followed all this steps but it says wrong password and my account is loged in . my password is correct,please what should I do?

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