How to Transfer Ripple to Ledger Nano S, X or Blue [Updated]

how to transfer Ripple to Ledger Nano S

This post will help you know how to transfer Ripple to Ledger Nano S, X or Blue. If you own a Ledger Nano hardware wallet and want to cold store XRP in it then this tutorial will help you do so.

XRP is not a decentralized cryptocurrency but still it’s performing well. As of now, there is no better way to store Ripple than a hardware wallet. There are very few resources available on internet to guide a newbie on how to store Ripple safely.

Therefore some Ripple investors are struggling to find the best way to store their XRP. One can create Ripple paper wallet using GateHub but it’s a bit technical and risky.

Therefore, if you own XRP then you left with only one choice and that is hardware wallet – so far safest way to keep cryptocurrencies safe. You’re reading this post, it means you already own Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. And you want to know how to store Ripple on Ledger Nano S.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through how to transfer Ripple to Ledger Nano S using Ledger wallet Ripple application.

It’s a very easy process, all you need to do is just setup Ledger wallet Ripple application and then copy your Ripple wallet address and send your XRP from your exchange to your Ledger wallet.

Ledger team has launched a brand new application for PC and smartphones call Ledger Live. This app lets you manage your crypto assets easily. Let me show you step by step how to send Ripple to Ledger Nano S, X or Blue.

Transfer Ripple to Ledger Nano S using Ledger Live app

What are we going to do to transfer Ripple to Ledger Nano S/X/Blue?

  • First we’ll install Ledger Live app.
  • Then we will install XRP app and generate Ledger wallet Ripple address.
  • Next we’ll copy our Ledger Nano Ripple address.
  • Finally we’ll visit our exchange where we have stored our Ripple and then we will send our XRP to our newly generated XRP address.

Let’s put this into life.

No matter which hardware wallet you own be it Ledger Nano S, X, or Blue, to store Ripple on Ledger Nano wallet, first of all, visit Ledger wallet applications page and download and install Ledger Live app.

After installing Ledger Live app, set a login password. Now to send Ripple to Ledger Nano S, from the sidebar of Ledger Live app, click on Manage.

Then you’ll be asked to connect your Ledger device to your computer. Just connect your Ledger wallet to your computer and then confirm selection from your hardware wallet too.

Thereafter, from the list of apps, click on Install next to XRP. This will generate a Ledger wallet Ripple address for you to send and receive the coins.

Once wallet gets installed, click on Receive (from the sidebar). Then from the pop-up window click on down arrow and select XRP wallet.

Press Continue button.

Simply, connect your Ledger device to your computer and then use left and right buttons and highlight Ripple wallet. Then, press both buttons together to connect it to your Ledger wallet.

Click on Continue.

Now again click on continue button and then match XRP address on both screens, on your Ledger Live and Ledger wallet (it’s very important step). If both screens are showing same address then click OK button from your hardware wallet.

Thereafter you will see your XRP address. Copy it.

Now, we’ve to go to our exchange where we’re storing our XRP. In the next steps, I’m going to use Koinex exchange’s screenshots. If your exchange is different then don’t worry steps will remain be the same.

Log in to your exchange and go to send/withdraw Ripple section. Thereafter, click on Withdraw/Send Ripple button.

Now, enter volume that you want to send. Note: Send more than 20 XRP because to book a Ripple wallet, it’d have minimum 20 XRP. If you send less than 20 Ripple than you’ll not receive your XRP and your transaction will be failed.

Note: First, send a small amount say 25 to verify your Ripple wallet address. Once you receive your sent XRP then move all of your Ripple to your Ledger wallet Ripple application.

Next, in the destination wallet address field, paste Ripple wallet address that we’ve copied from our Ledger device.

Ripple Destination tag, it’s a very important thing if you do not enter a right Ripple destination tag then you may end up losing your coins. As of now, Ledger wallet Ripple application does not have destination tag for Ripple therefore you’ve to follow the instructions given by your exchange for example in the above screenshot, my exchange has advised me to enter 123456 if my XRP wallet does not have a Ripple destination tag. In case of Coinbase, let XRP destination tag field as it is (do not enter anything) and after entering the payment details, press Continue button. Thereafter, a dialog box will appear on your computer screen, just click ‘Skip XRP Tag’.

If you’re seeing Remarks field then you can enter any text there. It’s not that important. This field helps you recognize your transactions easily.

After entering all the details, click on Next/Send/Submit button.

In the next step, you’ll be asked to enter two step authentication password, if enabled.

That’s it. You’ve successfully moved Ripple to Ledger Nano S, X or Blue.

18 responses to “How to Transfer Ripple to Ledger Nano S, X or Blue [Updated]”

  1. i transfered xrp to ledger and it seems to have devalued alot. for example i bought xrp at a decently low price and now after i transferred it to ledger it looks like i bought it at a much higher price making my profits minimal as to what i was seeing. it looks like the xrp transferred at the current price and not the price i bought it at. i need help…….

  2. I have successfully transferred my XRP on my Nano X from my Uphold Account. Now I am having an issue of getting my other XRP off the exchange? Any idea on how to do that? I have been trying for a week and I am completely confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking that I may have to do it through GitHub or send it back to uphold? Not sure though.

  3. Tony, what do you mean by “You need to select XRP blockchain to send your coins. There are others also available but you need to choose XRP’s own chain?”

    I bought 3 ledger nano s for myself and 2 friends. All of us having trouble sending xrp from coinbase wallet to the ledger.

    Transfers from bitbuy worked fine and other coins transferred no problem, just having issues going coinbase wallet to ledger with xrp.

    Coinbase says invalid address and errors out. Also, ledger accounts have been activated with the 20 xrp minimum.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you!

  4. You need to select XRP blockchain to send your coins. There are others also available but you need to choose XRP’s own chain.

  5. I have tried sending xrp to my nano s from two platform exchanges. Bitbuy and coinsquare (Canadian exchanges). They say the address is not valid. Ledger support sent me to Bithomp. I went there and says the same thing and asks you to go to a site to buy xrp.
    I have been trying to get this working for 3 wks. Very frustrating.
    If you can’t send xrp to the nano s to activate the wallet address, what other options do you have.
    This process is ridiculous.
    Response is very slow as well.
    This has become a nightmare.
    So I now have a device that I cannot activate the xrp address on.
    I have moved other coins no problem…….
    The advice I have received is just send from another wallet. Well none of the wallets I have tried will accept them.
    Running in circles……

  6. No this is required in case you are generating paper wallet. You can use your computer as you used to; even after installing Ledger Live.

  7. I have been told that if I use a computer for my nano ledger, then this needs to be offline & preferably one that has never been connected to an internet? I am a little confused because I would need to use my computer ( which has been connected to wifi) in order to use my ledger & transfer crypto to it, especially if I was downloading the live app?

    Would appreciate any help regarding this as I need to transfer XRP to nano ledger asap.


  8. I tried the SEND ALL XRP and it didn’t work. You have to leave at least 20 XRP on the Coinbase (and maybe others?) exchange for it to process correctly. I moved all -20 XRP from Coinbase to Ledger Nano X and it worked. I’ll probably keep the 20 in there.

  9. Chris,

    Man, thank you so much for the subtracting 20 xrp tip. I have spent three flippin weeks trying to send my XRP from Coinbase to my Ledger. I hate these exchanges. Emailed them a week ago and still no answer. How can they expect mass adoption with such poor service? That did the trick and my XRP is safe, thank God!


  10. My first transfer worked fine with NO Destination Tag,

    NOW, I can NOT send any to my Ledger even though I have received before!
    I have tried for 2 weeks multiple ways to transfer to my brand NEW Nano X.

    Emailed – Contacted Ledger and No help from Ledger… just referred to “common issues” …but issues with NO SOLUTION! Poor support. Maybe I should have bought a Trezor.

  11. I just figured out a work-around for me. I transferred 25 XRP from Coinbase to my Binance account. Then transferred those same 25 XRP from Binance to my Nano S. I confirmed the transfer was received in Ledger Live.

  12. Any resolution to this problem. I encountered the same exact problem. Trying to send my XRP to Nano S.

  13. okay guys i figured this out. If you are trying to send ALL of your XRP from coinbase it comes back with invalid address. If you trying sending all of it but maybe 20 XRP it goes through. Hope it helps!

  14. Hey Bobby, I tested. Actually you don’t need to add XRP destination tag in case you’re moving your XRP to private wallet. So don’t add anything in the destination tag field and when you press Continue button. You will see a dialog box on your screen just press ‘Skip XRP tag’. This way you will be able to send your coins. Please first send 25XRP coins and once you receive them, move all your coins to your wallet.

  15. Having the same issue with coinbase and Ledger, i have moved in 2 transactions a total of 2500+ XRP to my ledger from coinbase towards end of April, now i have 3000 more on coinbase and facing same issue, cannot move from coinbase to Ledger, since address is same as the first 2 transactions i believe the issue is gonna be with coinbase and nothing you are doing wrong.

  16. Hey Tony,

    I appreciate you posting this article. I felt like I was so close to finding a resolution to the problem I’m currently having. I just bought XRP on Coinbase on May 1st 2020 and I have not been able to send my XRP to my Ledger wallet ever since. No matter what I try I continue to get an error saying ” Your send Failed… Please enter a valid email or ripple address.” I have confirmed my received address on my Ledger wallet is correct. I even had a buddy send me 20XRP just to make sure I can receive and my wallet is activated. I first suspected that maybe I needed a tag but Ledger says a tag isn’t necessary and I can’t find anywhere that Coinbase gives me a tag for sending to my Ledger wallet. I did try 123456 tag that Koinex recommended for you but it did not work. Do you happen to have a Coinbase account that you might could test this with? Any idea’s what might be going on? I have sent both Ledger and Coinbase support request but neither have replied since May 1st. Terrible response time if you ask me. I would really appreciate any advice.

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