Ethereum merge means its Proof-of-Work Mainnet blockchain will be merged with Proof-of-Stake also known as Beacon Chain. Let's find out how will it benefit you as a coin holder?

Ethereum merge enables all ETH cryptocurrency holders support the blockchain network by staking their coins and earn rewards.

Ethereum Merge Benefits

It will speed up the network transactions processing and lower the network fee which is good for its bright future.

More Speedy Transactions

Ethereum network will not now rely on miners instead now ETH holders can opt Ethereum Staking to earn rewards.

Ethereum Staking

Shifting from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake will make the network 99% more energy-efficient. It is a big leap because energy consumption by mining is a global issue.

Shift from PoW to PoS

Now Ethereum holders can generate 4% to 6% interest on their coin holdings which is great for long term holders.

Earn Ethereum

Ethereum merge greatly affected miners. Miners, who have spent lots of money to buy expensive mining equipment so network can validate transactions, now left with nothing.

Miners No Longer Needed